So This Is Christmas

  This time of year makes me all warm and (whatever is between my “usual prickly self” and “not quite fuzzy”).   It warms my cold black heart. I just happen to love the Holidays.  Not because I feel the need to put Christ back in Christmas or because I just happen to love pumpkin pie […]


Sometimes I write words down on paper and stare at them for what seems like hours.  I have never considered myself a writer, but a person who sometimes writes.   In those times, I can occasionally be funny.  I will never consider myself a comedian.  That would be disrespectful to those I hold dear to me […]

When Nouns Become Verbs

Adult. This word has now become verb. “I can’t adult today”. What the bloody fuck? You mean you can’t act like an adult today?  I understand the cute quip, but I can’t believe that I am hearing it in everyday conversations. Now that being said, I certainly failed at being an adult on more than […]

Volunteer Admin

Everyone seems to strive to be the boss.  The boss at home.  The boss at work.  And now the boss online.  I’ve recently met the “volunteer administrator of a Facebook page”.   *face palm* This persons job is to police the Facebook group and delete people and posts they feel aren’t following the “rules”.  These “rules” […]

On hiatus is code for “I’m hiding”

Shit happens.  Life gets crazy….Or terrifying….Or a combination of both.   I had a kid.  He’s 11 months old now and rules my life.  I spent the first 6 months of his life learning how to put on a diaper and how to sneak naps in while standing up.  Being a parent is hard.  Fucking […]