When Nouns Become Verbs

Adult. This word has now become verb. “I can’t adult today”. What the bloody fuck? You mean you can’t act like an adult today?  I understand the cute quip, but I can’t believe that I am hearing it in everyday conversations. Now that being said, I certainly failed at being an adult on more than one occasion.   In all actuality, I feel like I am failing at being an adult most days. Last week my husband asked me a very simple question and I completely balked at it. Our lives have been very chaotic the last 2 years. Moved, queefed a kid out, husbands residency, and about 100 other small (yet equally difficult) things have taken up real estate in our lives. This being said, the next 18 months leave a lot of opportunity for even MORE changes. Yay?!
The other night Kevin and I were enjoying “happy hour” (this is the hour after the kid falls asleep and we use toothpicks to prop our eyes open/keep ourselves awake for an episode of the walking dead) when he asked me the most simple of questions.

Kevin: “So if you could do ANYTHING… what would you do?”
Me: “Are you asking me what I want to be when I grow up?”
Kevin: “Uh, yea. I guess.”

I completely panicked. I didn’t have an answer. I almost lied. Writer? Baker? Candlestick maker? I suddenly found myself reciting nursery rhymes to disguise that I, in fact, didn’t have an answer. I felt like a grade school kid who had been called on to answer a question when the teacher knew very well that you weren’t paying attention.
Teacher: “Jenny, what’s the capital of Michigan?”
Jenny: “7!”

7 isn’t the answer to that question, and it certainly isn’t the answer to the one posed to me.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

When are you too old to decide what you want to be when you grow up?