Volunteer Admin

Everyone seems to strive to be the boss.  The boss at home.  The boss at work.  And now the boss online.  I’ve recently met the “volunteer administrator of a Facebook page”.   *face palm*

This persons job is to police the Facebook group and delete people and posts they feel aren’t following the “rules”.  These “rules” being made up by admins.  I got to experience this first hand while watching a friend of mine get banned from a group for questioning the “rules”.  She got the boot because she didn’t agree.  Of course she did it hilariously by posting a picture of herself holding BBQ sauce (you had to be there to get it… but believe me… it was damn funny).  During this exchange, I inserted the overly generic quip of “LMAO” directed at her picture.   Needless to say, she got the boot and I went about my day.  Fast forward 8 hours and I start getting notification after notification from said Facebook group.  I was now being called out because I had laughed at the joke.  I LAUGHED!  The volunteer admin had searched the page of over 900 people and told me “maybe this isn’t the group for you” because I laughed.   These people clearly don’t know how to Internet.  That’s why the internet exists.  It is here for porn and laughs.  Anywho, this person goes on to tell me that I should leave upon my own volition and I told her that I would be over in my corner of internet, looking at cat memes, and waiting for an apology.  This banter went on for a good hour.  Now, I don’t usually give an hour of my time to a volunteer admin for a random Facebook page, but the notifications woke me up and I was pissed.  I will say that this page isn’t out to solve the world’s problems, end suffering, or save orphaned animals.  It’s a group where people post there shit they no longer want and give it to other people who feel the need to have more shit.  It’s a variable smorgasbord of garage sale rejects.  I love this group for the ability to get rid of crap that is crowding my garage and to see what random crap has been *gifted* today.  I’ve seen everything from unused gift cards to Christmas wrapping paper in June. Ultimately this is why my friend got the boot.  She offered a resource for new moms in the area and information on social support networks as opposed to an actual item (*gasp! How terrible!). Hence the photo of her holding BBQ sauce, offering it up for someone, while adding the aforementioned public resource in order to “follow the rules”.

I digress.  I am only writing because I felt the need to vent.  I was told to not laugh because someone in the world of Facebook was offended.  Offended because I “Laughed My Ass Off” at a picture of BBQ sauce.    Sweet buttery Jesus.   You have chosen to supervise a Facebook group and get offended at a laugh.  You are like the elderly man in the neighborhood watch who yells at kids for running too fast and laughing too loud.  Equally pointless and annoying.

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