When Nouns Become Verbs

Adult. This word has now become verb. “I can’t adult today”. What the bloody fuck? You mean you can’t act like an adult today?  I understand the cute quip, but I can’t believe that I am hearing it in everyday conversations. Now that being said, I certainly failed at being an adult on more than one occasion.   In all actuality, I feel like I am failing at being an adult most days. Last week my husband asked me a very simple question and I completely balked at it. Our lives have been very chaotic the last 2 years. Moved, queefed a kid out, husbands residency, and about 100 other small (yet equally difficult) things have taken up real estate in our lives. This being said, the next 18 months leave a lot of opportunity for even MORE changes. Yay?!
The other night Kevin and I were enjoying “happy hour” (this is the hour after the kid falls asleep and we use toothpicks to prop our eyes open/keep ourselves awake for an episode of the walking dead) when he asked me the most simple of questions.

Kevin: “So if you could do ANYTHING… what would you do?”
Me: “Are you asking me what I want to be when I grow up?”
Kevin: “Uh, yea. I guess.”

I completely panicked. I didn’t have an answer. I almost lied. Writer? Baker? Candlestick maker? I suddenly found myself reciting nursery rhymes to disguise that I, in fact, didn’t have an answer. I felt like a grade school kid who had been called on to answer a question when the teacher knew very well that you weren’t paying attention.
Teacher: “Jenny, what’s the capital of Michigan?”
Jenny: “7!”

7 isn’t the answer to that question, and it certainly isn’t the answer to the one posed to me.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

When are you too old to decide what you want to be when you grow up?

2 thoughts on “When Nouns Become Verbs

  1. Hi Susan here… First time reader first time commenter.

    You are never too old to decide what you want go be when you
    Grow up! I also
    Love that you
    Queefed out a kid. That’s awesome!

    A fellow fuck mom who loves this blog.

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