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Shhh.  This is Jen, in her natural habitat.

Shhh. This is Jen, in her natural habitat.



Jenny Nicole was born and raised outside of Chicago in a fun part of the Indiana where everyone just says they are from Chicago.  Because.  Chicago.

Jenny has also lived in Nashville, TN and Seattle, WA.  Home is wherever you hang your hat.

When Jenny isn’t trying to land herself in the poorhouse due to purchasing yet another nude lipstick, she’s writing over at thejennynicole.com

Religious views: Don’t be a dick, Thai Iced Tea, Glitter

Random thoughts on random things:

Einstein was a genius, and Teddy Roosevelt was a badass.

String theory, black holes, evolutionary biology = great stuff.

Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams should be recognized as gods.

The key to life is moderation…make sure to use it moderately.

I’m an independent pragmatist with just about everything in life.   Except with matters of the heart.

No matter how many I’ve been to, weddings still make me cry.

And proposals

And friends having babies

And cute furry kittens


Oreo cookies and SUPER duper cold 2% milk = happiness.

I LOVE big Broadway productions. The more dancing, singing and over-the-topness… the better!

I love live music. At one point in middle school, I thought I was going to make a living being a professional singer. The likelihood of  which I later found out is about the same as PETA having a steak  dinner fundraiser.

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